Dear Sirs!


                       Firm "Sumytransexpedition" is one of the most reliable transporter of oversized and heavy cargoes on the territory of Ukraine, countries of the CIS, Western Europe and Asia. The enterprise was registered on November, 20, 1990, and from 1993 began to transport the standard cargoes. In 1995 the firm, one of the first in Ukraine, has started to carry out transportations of oversized and heavy cargoes. Since 1997 our enterprise is the actual member of Association of international carriers of Ukraine (AIC of Ukraine), and has the status of the Customs carrier. All transported loads are insured in an insurance company «PERSHA».

    Firm "Sumytransexpedition" is the owner of one of the largest parks of the specialized technics in the territory of Ukraine.

There are such technics to the usage of our clients:

– 73 trucks of Euro-3, Euros-5 (2, 3 and 4 axle with the wheeled formulas: 4х2, 6х2, 6х4, 8х4);

– 60  semitrailers with  loading height  from 0,80 m up to 1m;

– 18  semitrailers with  loading height 0,45m – 0,55m  for transportation the combines, dredges, bulldozers and other agricultural and building technics with possibility of loading by "self-arrival", and also the different equipment, constructions, capacities;

–   22 opened  extensible grounds for transportation cargoes with length up to 40 m, and weight up to 110 tons;

- 3 lorry convoys carrying capacity up to 100 tons;

- 2 lorry convoys carrying capacity up to180 tons.

We successfully transported ballistic rockets “Satana”, strategic bombers Tu-204, passenger planes, marine ships, diesel engines and carriages.

   It was transported more than 600 units of combine harvesters, tractors, dredges and other heavy and oversized technics by our lorry convoys from the countries of the Western Europe to Ukraine and Russia for the last 12 months.

   This year we have transported more than 90 units of technics from Germany and Belgium.

    Firm "Sumytransexpedition" has its own repair base, the numerous personnel of skilled technical employees, skilled drivers. They have transported the cargoes weight more than 140 tons, length more than 40 m, width and height more than  6,5 m. Our enterprise has put right work with road services of Ukraine, Russia, countries of Western Europe and CIS that allows our specialists to organize complex transportations of heavy and bulky cargoes in the shortest terms. Transport and transported cargoes are insured from all kinds of accidents.

   If you need to  deliver a load in due time and perfectly safe, it is enough to issue the order for transportation. Our specialists  will get permissions on transportation, make  the inspection of a route,  make the map of a route and   develop  the project of transportation, carry  out the coordination of transportation  with the corresponding  organizations, provide  support of oversized lorry convoys by cars of protection and services of air communications.

   We have our representation in Germany firm GALA-TRANS GmbH for co-ordination our work  in Germany and other countries of Western Europe.

           Our prices and service of the European level will pleasantly surprise you.